Early fall update.

First of all, thanks to everyone that came out to see us play this summer.  We are slowly recuperating and spending time in our rehersal place writing songs for our second album. Things are coming along just fine and we are very proud of our new material.

In other news, we have two new dates booked this fall, with a lot more to come.
17/9 - RECession Festival, Århus, Denmark
8/10 - Norrlands nation, Uppsala

If any of you have photos or videos from our shows do not hesitate to contact us via our facebook page or by e-mail. Spread the word and tell your local promoter to throw our booking agency, www.brothersister.se, an e-mail if you want to see us play in your hometown.

'til next time!

We are the Storm @ Trästockfestivalen, july 2011

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