Final day of recording.

We finished the recording of our EP tonight. Kristofer and Magnus at Tonteknik, Umeå will now apply a package of mixing and mastering to the final product. Expect a release in a few weeks.

Ludde, recording percussion.


EP recording & photo session.

So, what's been going on in the WATS camp? A great deal of things actually, we've put vocal tracks and some extra guitars on tape and after enduring a photo session we are now waiting for cover art and some promotional pictures to be delivered to us. Hopefully, the next blog post will be more detailed.

later / Magnus


Magnus & Kristofer.

Staffan, vocal recording.

Sebbe, Ludde & Staffan during the photo session.

indiesaurus rex.


We are the Storm records an EP, day one and two.

Day one -- Saturday morning: Staffan picked us (me (Ludde) and Magnus) up a quarter to nine. Magnus and I have never seen each other that early ever before, and will probably never do it again. Then, we went to pick up Kristofer "Nilson" Jönson, our producer man. He had a fever, but with the help of a bag full of anti-fever pills and vitamins he managed to stay awake all day. About half an hour late, we arrived at the studio where Sebastian and Rikard were waiting.

Naturally, it took more time than we had planned to rig everything and we only had until four thirty becuase Kristofer had to be at work at five. We were done with basically all the preparations around half past three.

All in all, since we had decided to record most instruments "live" in the studio, we finished recording the drums, bass and guitars on one song in half an hour. Well, all guitars except my guitar. It sounded more like a miserable bumblebee than an epicly distorted lead guitar. Everything else sounded great though. Some of us left to go to a party with a moustache theme, while some of us went home to write a blog post.


Sebbe, Magnus, Staffan and Ludde.

Day two -- Sunday afternoon: even though we had said that this weekend we would not drink at all so that we would not be hung-over while recording, everyone showed up at the studio in that exact condition. Even though I had planned to stay at home with a book as my company, Sebastian convinced me to come with them to the moustache party. I freaked out and shaved.

However tired, we were in a good mood and in high spirits! We finished recording the other 4 songs, and it sounded grand.

Afterwards we went to McDonald's to get some burgers. Magnus wanted an El Wrapo, while the rest of us ate McBeans. After finishing tidying up a bit we called it a wrap and went home. Sebbe's commando soldier bass guitar case almost didn't fit in the car.

Next week, Magnus and I will record some more guitars. Stay tuned for more tales of interest.


PS. Thanks Rikard for drumming and thanks Kristofer for recordning us while being sick. DS.

Sebbe and Staffan.